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Mother Nature and Crystal Balls.


    That old girl Mother Nature needs a nice man in her life as rain and the prediction of some nautical weather scored a win Saturday night at the Bowl. I hope she finds a guy who likes racing and riding motorcycles to curtail her desire to get wet on Friday Nights and Weekends.


Enough of that nonsense for now. Let’s think about this if you will. Coming up this Saturday the Inaugural Billy Grego and Theresa (Momma ) Baribeault Race will be held. The idea and thought of this race is well deserved as Momma Baribeault was a fixture at many local racetracks for years and occupied the seats to our right at the Bowl for years. She was a wonderful, friendly lady and was crazy about the races. Mr. Greco was perhaps one of the most beloved racers in Northeast Modified History and is most known for the fact that he won features at every Connecticut racetrack that ever existed. He was a fierce competitor and a Legend. You can add to that an everyday guy as he was always smiling and always willing to discuss virtually anything racing. Im looking into the crystal ball at this moment and I see an incredible turnout reflected in both car counts and fans. Let anyone you know where to be this coming Saturday Night. Positive vibes for a great weather day as well.


I received some emails this week and four or five of them mentioned the lack of car counts plauging the shoreline oval in recent weeks. I don’t know at this point what is being done by track officials to boost the numbers. Stafford is a different animal but it can’t be ignored that the SK and SK Light numbers there are impressive and consistent. It’s a shame that a racetrack that has the best side by side racing is lacking racers to add to that excitement. Questions abound from the emails I’ve received. Is it financial? Are there hurt feelings still lingering? Is it the officiating? Is it the lack of respect among racers on the track? Is it the purse? Is management contacting or networking with racers and with other tracks to lure more competitors? I’m hoping I could get a response on this from my readers. To be fair here…..I have NOT asked these questions of any member of the Speedbowl Team and nor am I being critical of what they are doing or the management style. Like I’ve stated, the racing has been great and consistent no matter what the count but, it still begs the question.


There are I believe, only 5 more weeks of Wild and Wacky Wednesday left , do yourselves a favor and take this show in. It still remains the best dollar value in entertainment and allows everyone a mid week night out for fun.


Please send out your prayers and well wishes for Ben Dodge as he continues his battles with illness. He was back in the booth at Stafford and there are none better on the mic and none more knowledgeable about racing in New England than Ben.

Don’t forget to take a friend to the races!


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  • Alan Piquette

    Covered local racing at tracks in the New England Region for Speedway Scene. Covered asphalt racing with his column "Class of Connecticut" then covered dirt track racing for over 10 years with his "Riding the Dirt" Column. Traveled up and down the East coast for over a decade for the now (closed) trade paper. He now shifts his focus to his new venture "The Racing Times" Online Magazine.

  • Scott Parker

    Scott Parker,First and Foremost,Is a 60 Year Old Race Fan.I have also been a NASCAR Crew Member for Various Teams and a Nascar Car Owner.I have attended Circle Track Races for over 40+ Years throughout the Northeast at Various Venues starting Many Years Ago at Plainville Stadium.I do not consider myself an Expert on Motorsports or Writing By Any Means,But feel like i can bring an Honest and Fair perspective through my experiences,That will Inform and hopefully Entertain Readership.

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