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Mikey Flynn has had a pretty consistent 2023 season in the SK modifieds at Stafford Speedway. In the first 11 races so far he has had 4 top 5’s, 3 top 10’s, 1 top 15, 1 top 20, and 1 finish outside of the top 20. He also had a 2nd place finish on July 13th, the non point race with the SRX race.


After the August 4th, the SK 5K race, Mikey is 5th in the point standings. When you are a very consistent driver, you don’t necessarily have to win a ton of races but if you finish every race and have good races then you will see good results. He started his racing career in the wild thing karts, then went on to do the legend cars, Sk lights, Late models and finally the SK modified division. He is a wild thing karts champion but, he hasn’t won a race yet in the SK modified division but, he has been a good consistent driver this year and will soon get a win.


The SK 5K race didn’t start as well as Mikey wanted it. He would start the race in 23rd place and starting deep in the field is hard but, having an 80-lap race he would have time to get up in the top 15 or even in the top 10.


By the first caution on lap 10 he was still in 24th but by the 2nd cation on lap 14 he was already moving up to the 16th position. On lap 21 there was a longer caution to clean up the incident of the 12, 14, and 1 car. Mikey would come down to pit road at the caution to see what they can do to make it better. Stash Butova, who helps out Mikey, asked Mikey what he needed to get up to the front. Mikey’s response was that the car needs to be tightened up. They were just riding around for the first 20 laps, now it was time to go to work. After the caution he would stay around the 19th to 16th position until lap 73 where we had a late caution. On the restart with 8 to go, Mikey would be up to 13th position. Getting to the checkered flag he would get 11th place at the line when he passed the 7 of Jon Puelo for the 11th spot.



With him being 5th in points and having about 8 races left, it’s Mikey’s time to focus and still be consistent but start to kick it in high gear.


Wishing Mikey the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

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