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Main Attractions and the Opening Acts


I’m sure a lot of you have attended musical concerts of all types of genres where there are occasions where the opening act, who is usually being promoted as the next up and comers or are simply there to warm up the crowd, have slayed the crowd and outshined the main event. My personal feeling was this was the case Saturday night at the Speedbowl as other than the Street Stocks, the Mini Stocks, SK Lights, and Late Model divisions had some of the best side by side, clean, hard racing of the entire season. With the Sk Lights and Mini Stocks almost mimicking each other, as late race cautions with 2 and 3 to go determined the outcomes. I don’t know what has to be done to get people to listen. Throughout the entire season, regardless of car counts, every division at the track puts on the best racing in the State in this writer’s opinion.


It was great to have the Monaco Tri Track Series visit and It was money Matt Hirshman who took down the rain shortened event. Hirshman has been quiet as of late, as his early season dominance everywhere he runs has cooled a bit. If last night is an indicator of things to come……he’s back as he dominated the event. It was great to see Brian Narducci and Mike Christopher Jr finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. I remember them in Wild Thing Karts and Legends cars and it’s great to see local, second generation racers do so well. I don’t know if anyone has anything for the Hirshman Team.


Late Models began with a first lap 3 wide backstretch move that ended up with 2 cars being shortened up about 3 feet in the turn three fence. Brody Monahan was one of the drivers. I’m glad everyone was ok but there will be some money spent and work to two as both cars needed the dreaded double hook. Ray Christian the 3rd, PJ Evans and Jason Palmer took turns up front with Palmer getting the nod at the checkers. Again….great side by side action to be seen here.


Aaron Plemons made it two in a row as he showed the way in the Street Stock feature. The Mini Stocks put on another show of shows as Charles Canfield, John Bavallaco and Chris Garside like cream, rose to the top. With a late race caution, it was Bavallaco with his beautifully prepared Treadeau Race Chassis garnering the win. Trudeau is a multi-time feature winner and track Champion at the Thompson Speedway in the Mini Stock division. He has been doing this a long time and builds fast beautiful cars. It was great to see him back in action as he has dealt with some recent health issues. Being at the track helping team and now being able to drive again last night, can only help the healing process.Well Done David!


In the SK Lights ,it looked as though Nickolas Hovey with a deliberate smooth line was going to garner his first win of the season. Someone forgot to tell John O ‘Sullivan  as he stalked the 16 car of Hovey and made his move late to kiss the Trophy Queen. 


The main story of the night though was mother nature trying to spoil the party with an absolute downpour prior to the expected start time. It was with a Herculean effort of Speedbowl staff and crew that finally got the track prepared to go on with the show. Add to the rain, a power outage along the Rt 85 corridor necessitating the track to use its generator that was installed during renovations. It is able to power a full panel and the track was able to have the necessary power to complete the needed tasks and work during the rain delay. As this was happening it was like old times on the midway as there were added catering and food trucks and beverage trucks to accommodate the large crowd. All I saw were people calmly enjoying various treats and food and catching up with old friends and making new ones. There were drivers signing swag, autographing hero cards, and mingling with the crowd. It reminded me of a typical Saturday Night at the Bowl from years past. I’m hoping the past few weeks special events and the excitement created continues to grow the crowds and car counts and good vibes. Great also to see Ben Dodge in the Broadcast Bus doing his thing and covering the Tri Track event. There are none better in my opinion.


Now here’s one for you……while on the midway, Iwas approached by Matt Hirshman and his son. They were handing out beach balls for the Monaco Tri Track promotion. Not wanting to lose mine, I firmly wedged it under my seat in the stands. Now these things were everywhere and it’s just a beach ball but, it’s money Matt right? At one point late in the event my brother and I ventured out to get some hot fudge sundaes…which are excellent, upon our arrival back at our seats I noticed my beach ball was gone. I have stated many times about the honesty and decency of race fans all over…standing for the National Anthem…..not talking or moving during its singing….leaving my car unlocked in dozens of track parking lots….leaving my cherished big dollar coat behind one night when I had a stomach issue (intoxicated) and getting it back the next week from a fellow fan, I was devastated that my run of good luck and virtue had ended with the theft of my souvenir. I was upset if only for a minute as I thought….you know what….if some kid took it, or a selfish uncaring person….let them have it. I would have surrendered it to a kid or fan who wanted one without hesitation. I want to let readers and this scoundrel know that the racing gods were in my favor last night as during the Monaco Feature….not 1…but 2 of these beach balls appeared at my feet. Blown there perhaps by the wind and ground shaking of the ground pounders coming out of turn 4.So I lost one but, left with two. How cool is that…..How can you not love the races. 


Remember to Bring a Friend to the Races. Hats off again to the entire Waterford Speedbowl Team and Staff for overcoming all obstacles in their way so we fans could see cars go Round n Round!




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