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Trebel spells Trebel  at The OFFICIAL ACCORD SPEEDWAY!


Hi Everybody! I made my way to THE OFFICIAL ACCORD SPEEDWAY last night for Picture and Autograph Night, last minute, by a very gracious invitation from my Favorite Racer Walt Henry who paid my way and even gave me $20 for food! The racing, I must say, was amazing!


Dirt Racing is much more precarious than predictable. First, the track surface which Gary the Owner has fought to bring to perfection all season is a very changing thing. Much more so that the way temperature and laid down rubber changes the surface on an asphalt track. For one it could be quite a bumpy ride and sometimes dips develop.


Quite a bit of passing occurs in the corners and the inside, albeit the preferred line isn’t always successful at fending off your competitors. Dirt Racing Fans already know these things. Unfortunately I haven’t been to ACCORD much. Four times, exactly and last week the Tornado blew me out of the Stands. I lost my NY Giants Tote bag.


Without a Roster I have no idea who won what, who Races which car/class or any other pertinent information. Also, the Racing is slightly faster and with a big Field of cars, frequently things happen faster than I can see while note taking as was the case last night. The best I can do is report on the Calamities and of that, last night, there were many.


The first being my failed attempts to meet Gary the Owner and personally thank him for his valiant effort to bring racing at ACCORD up to his high standard for the Racing Public. So far, considering all the setbacks managing the surface and weather wreaking havoc, Gary and his Crew of Staff and Benefactors have done a great job!


The next thing was when I went to Jan in the Kitchen for onion rings and was told they sold out. In my opinion nothing comes close to the Chili at Bethel among other items but I’ve come to crave the onion rings at ACCORD and was expecting for those to be part of my next meal at ACCORD Speedway.


It seemed to me that the first casualties of the night were with the Sprint Cars as they began dropping off the pace and out completely during hot laps and Heats. Although that’s the purpose of hot laps, it seemed an inordinate number. It certainly didn’t help that one Racer rounded turn two and went straight into the infield. Followed by one of his tires. Darn thing nearly put itself back on the axle!


Ironically, my play on words for the Racer of the Sprint TREBL Car#14 became TRUBL on the track as Racer Eric Demmings and the #14 dominated the Feature for the Win! I won’t embarrass myself by attempting to write up the Races without a Roster. Photographer and Writer Mike Traverse has that well covered on FB. Congratulations to Eric for slicing and dicing through imperceptible (to me atleast) holes in the competitive Field and a Green/Checkered Win after holding of the Field all the way down to the wire and losing a big lead to a SFRS on the final lap!


A Sportsman Car flipped over. A tow truck and the Safety Crew were on scene in fractions of a minute. Their first attempt to right the race car failed when the Tow Truck stalled out and had to be towed out of the way by the other Wrecker. The Car was up righted. The Tow Truck started, moved and died again. An attempt was made to tow the disabled Tow Truck with a 4×4 into the infield when the 4xr suddenly snapped back and overturned. An Ambulance and First Responders were on scene. I don’t know the extent of injuries. It was Dale Earnhardt’s Crash that brought about mandated HANS devices that he was sorely against. We may now see Seat belts and Safety devices for 4×4’s in the future.


One thing we didn’t have to fight was the weather which finally turned out to be spectacular! Tables were set up for the Racers to sign Autographs and for Fans to collect Pictures for Artist/Photographer Kevin Berryman that were superb. Although as Feature time grew closer the Racers at the tables fizzled out before all the Classes were able to represent, I think under the circumstances and considering the Tornado that erupted and blew everyone including the power out of the Speedway at last week’s scheduled Picture and Autograph Night, what could hastily be assembled worked oot somewhat well and I was fortunate to somehow find the strength to climb the top of the stands 12 times with a handful of OTC pain relievers.


I spoke briefly with some of the Racers including Joe Judge who raced at Bethel Speedway last week and said he had a blast. It was great having him at what I consider my Home Track. Son of my Favorite Racer Walt Henry III, Walt Henry the 4th Raced Slingshot #4th to 4th in his Feature Race! I’ll take a top five (or 4) any day! Two other favorites of mine who have Raced at Bethel were on scene tonight: Brothers Aiden and Preston Demorest! Aling with their Dad Dave they had made a huge contribution to Racing at Bethel Speedway and I was happy to finally catch up with them once again! Also, I got to shake hands with Street Stock Racer JB Morris who I’ve seen often in Vistory Lane but hardly ever get the chance to speak with!


Jayden Sleight took home the trophy in the Street Stock Feature Race while our Bethel Track Manager George Van Ardsall Jr took a top 5 finish in P3! Racer Tim DeGroat who races with Jeff DeGroat at Bethel Speedway on Saturdays won the 4cylinder Class. The night topper for me, something I heretofore wasn’t aware of needs a preface.


At Bethel Speedway, two of my Favorite Bandolero Racers are Alyson and Jordan Smith. Alyson Smith earned a controversial win in her feature event last Saturday at Bethel and held my alliance in the balance. It took 4 days for Tech and Officials to reach a decision.


Relative to that (pardon the pun), another Favorite of mine is 4cyl Racer Joe Smith. Last night Joe, Racing the #02 in the Rookie Sportsman Division won the feature while sporting a For Sale sign on the car at which some goffed hilariously. All this time I didn’t know that he’s the Father of Racers Jordan and Alyson! A prouder moment I could not have!


I’m going to let things lie right here. Bethel Speedway was to be an early start today and I awoke late from a faulty alarm clock but minutes after I saw posted they were a rain out, it poured. Now, 3 hours later, more rain is predicted shortly and throughout the night amid another tornado watch.


I had a blast! Maybe one of these days I’ll get to meet Gary. Special Thanks to Emma in the Sweet Shop, his Granddaughter for trying to coordinate a meet for me. I wanted to thank him personally on behalf of us all and to his Crew of Benefactors for pulling The Official ACCORD SPEEDWAY literally through the muck and mire to get everyone back racing and enjoying themselves. Btw, get more onion rings!


I’d like to recognize Walter Henry the 4th, Mardette Wilcox, Colten Joseph and his Mom Maelani and James Bauernfiend, Rose and Jim, Tom and Michele, Sean Hart Jr. and of course the Ladies in the Kitchen, The Racers and Larry, one of the 3 Gentlemen and one Racer for adding to Tonight’s experience and to a Gentleman I got an autograph from, the first of the Night who I approached because he was dressed in Safety attire. I told him I thought he was an Official. Come to find out he is a NYSEG Limeman and in my book, a Hero!


I love you all and until we meet again, Keep those wheels turning!

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