August 11th Stafford Speedway Features (Street Stocks) by Brittany Nutile

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Street Stock Feature- Stafford Speedway 


Travis Hydar wins the 20 lap feature. This is Travis’ 4th win in the 2023 season and his 17th career win. Travis is now 3rd in the all time street stock winner list, behind Johnny Walker with 19 wins and Kyle Casagrande with 20 wins. Travis started the race in 11th place and got in an accident on lap 2, didn’t have any mechanical issues, just a little cosmetic damage. He was back in the 18th position on the restart and by the second restart on lap 2 he moved up to 16th place. On lap 4 Hydar was up to 5th place and coming back up the field. Hydar would go by the 80 of Tyler Trott for 4th place. By lap 13 Hydar would go to the lead and pass Aaron Plemons would have the lead for since lap 3. Plemons finished the race in 2nd, a strong run for Aaron after his 18th place finish last week. 

Ryan Waterman didn’t have the best race, he started the race in 9th place and on the first restart after the caution he would start in 2nd but would go back to 7th. The next caution he would get black flagged for the contact with the number 15 of Sean Petlock and would go to the back. He would work his way back up to the 7th and would stay around 5th, 6th, and 7th position. By lap 13 Waterman would be in 3rd and then the caution came out. By lap 14 there was a caution and Ryan would restart in the 10th spot. On lap 15 Ryan would still be struggling a little with coming up the field, still only 7th. Ryan would finish the race in 7th place. 


The point standings in the street stocks are getting super close for the top 2 drivers. Hydar is the current point leader with Ryan Waterman 2 points behind Hydar, it’s going to come down to the last few races and it’s going to be very exciting.


Travis Hydar talks about his win and his incident on lap 2. “ The car was really fast tonight, we changed some stuff before the feature, took a shot at it and it worked out. Car was really good, there was an incident in the beginning but luckily this thing was hooked up and was able to make my way but up to the front. Luckily the damage didn’t catch the tire and it didn’t affect the car too much.” Travis talks about battling with the 67 of Aaron Plemons. “The 67 is always tough to pass, he’s a really good driver and he’s only getting faster so it’s going to get tougher.” 


Aaron Plemons talks about his 2nd place finish. “We are getting better and better every week, we tried a brand new set up today. We had a mechanical failure in 1st practice and in 2nd practice we put on pretty bad tires to see what it would do. I think we are getting better and better every week, the 11 and 31 are really fast, I think they started racing here when I started racing. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be up with 31 and 11.”


Jason Raymond talks about his 3rd place finish and the restarts in this race. “It was definitely really good, the first couple of laps were tough, and got bounced around a little bit. We made some changes, found some things we didn’t get a couple weeks ago and definitely lifted us up. The restarts were one of my weaknesses in the beginning of the season, I had to work on getting there and staying with the guys in front of me, getting into the corners a little bit harder is definitely working for me.” 



Top 5 Finishers: 


  1. Travis Hydar
  2. Aaron Plemons
  3. Jason Raymond
  4. Johnny Walker
  5. Christopher Danielczuk


Top 5 in the point standings: 


  1. Travis Hydar 494 Points 
  2. Ryan Waterman (-2)
  3. Aaron Plemons- R (-110)
  4. Travis Downey (-118)
  5. Tyler Trott (-132)



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