August 11th Stafford Speedway Features (Late Models) By Brittany Nutile

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I sLate Model Feature- Stafford Speedway


Kevin Gambacorta wins the 30- lap late model feature. Kevin needed this win after his race last week. Last week he spun on his own in the middle of the race and overheated, he finished the race but finished 15th and lost his 30 point lead over Tom Fearn. After last week’s race he only had a 4-point lead over Tom Fearn. With this win, Kevin has an 8 point advantage over Fearn. With a few races left, Kevin has to be on his A-game and race cleanly and be ahead of Tom Fearn in every race to keep his point lead and keep adding points to his lead.

Kevin started tonight’s race in 11th place, on lap one there was a scuffle on the backstretch, huge hit for Alexandra Fearn when John Blake went up the racetrack and had contact with Alexandra. Others that were involved in the wreck were John Blake, Alexandra Fearn, Darrell Keane, Chris Meyers, Adam Gray, Matt Vassur, and Tom Fearn. Alexandra Fearn would be out of the race along with Adam Gray and Darrell Keane. At the restart Bobby Stirk would lead, Tom Butler doesn’t get up to speed which would lead to the top row getting clogged up including Gambacorta. On lap 10 Gambacorta and Tom Fearn battled for 2nd, Kevin would get 2nd and Tom Fearn would stay in 3rd. On lap 15 the gap between the leader Bobby Stirk and 2nd place Kevin Gambacorta was 3.1 seconds. Around lap 16 and 17, there was a great battle with Zach Robinson and Chris Meyer for 4th and 5th. Meyers would end up getting the 4th spot, Chris would end up finishing in 4th place. With there only being 7 laps to go Gambacorta was closing in on Bobby Stirk, the interval now between leader and 2nd place was only a second now. On lap 25, Gambacorta shaved 4 tenths off from leader Stirk. On lap 27, the 9 of Stirk slides a little up the track coming out of turn 3 and then gets wiggly. On turn 4 the 23 of Gambacorta makes a pass for the lead underneath the 9, both drivers slide and get wiggly coming out of turn 4 but with 2 to go the 9 would still lead. In turn 2 Gambacorta tries again to pass Stirk and finally gets the lead with one lap to go. Kevn would get a lead on Stirk and sail to the finish. Bobby Stirk would finish 2nd, Tom Fearn finished 3rd, Chris Meyer finished 4th and Paul Varricchio would get a 5th place finish.

Kevin talks about the lap one mayhem and his win after not finishing great last week.

“There were cars to the left and cars to the right of me, I never try to drive through wrecks, you just hope you don’t get wrecked from behind.

Man, what an awesome car tonight, nice way to rebound from a rough week last week. Just what I needed after last week, it’s awesome.”

Bobby Stirk talked about his great 2nd place finish tonight. “I wish I could have just taken the mirror out of the car, I was watching Kevin getting closer and closer and I had nothing left for him. I burnt the right rear off just trying to escape everybody. I gotta thank him (Gambacorta) he could have spun me and just moved me, done it however he wanted, but he was really clean about it. Just to be here with Fearn and Gambacorta is a win for us. Obviously I wish for one spot better but we will come back next week.”

Tom Fearn talks about his consistent podium finish in 3rd place. “I don’t know last week was tough, tonight was a little tough too, a little bit off there after the jingle on the backstretch, did my best. I know Kevin was going so more or less I didn’t fight him, just ran my own race and stayed in 3rd.”

Top 5 finishers:

1. Kevin Gambacorta
2. ‘ Bobby Stirk
3. Tom Fearn
4. Chris Meyer
5. Paul Varricchio

Top 5 in the point standings:

1. Kevin Gambacorta 470 Points
2. Tom Fearn (-8)
3. Adam Gray (-58)
4. Michael Wray (-64)
5. Darrell Keane (-68)

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