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Lincoln Tech Open 80 Feature:


Woody Pitkat wins the Lincoln Tech Open 80 modified feature event. Woody started the race on the pole with Teddy Hodgdon in 2nd, Matt Galko starting in 3rd, George Bessette Jr in 4th place, and Glen Reen rounding out the top 5. Pitkat gets the jump for the lead, Galko stays with Pitkat on the bottom and battles with Hodgdon for 2nd place. Galko gets 2nd while Hodgdon battles with Reen for 3rd. On lap 3, the caution comes out for the 10 of Vinny Anglace for spinning in turn 4.


On the restart, Woody gets the jump with Galko getting 2nd, Hodgdon for 3rd, Bessette Jr. and Reen battling for 4th place. Hodgdon will get 2nd away from Galko. 


On lap 10 Teddy Hodgdon moves underneath the 88 of Pitkat and gets the lead. Galko and Pitkat are battling for 2nd and Galko will get the position. 

On lap 17 the caution comes out for the 33 of Austin Bessette who spins in the backstretch grass. Goodale comes on pitroad for this caution along with Vinny Anglace, Blake Barney, Tyler Barry, and some others. 


On the restart, Hodgdon gets the jump with Cipriano and Galko battling side by side for 2nd. Cipriano gets 2nd with Woody passing Galko for 3rd. On lap 20 there was a caution for the 31 of Andrew Charron who hit the backstretch wall hard. On the restart Hodgdon gets the lead, Cipriano is in 2nd with Woody right behind him in 3rd. 

Mike Christopher Jr is coming up the field from starting 13th now is in 5th. Anthony Bello went 3 wide with Reen and Galko with Bello taking 6th. Bello is on the move now taking the 5th spot from Christopher Jr. 


On lap 28, Bello is picking people off left and right now going after Bessette Jr. for 4th place and will take him a lap but will get 4th from George Bessette Jr. Stephen Kopcik is following his teammate Anthony Bello, Kopcik now up to 5th place. 


On lap 30, Hodgdon has a good lead on Woody who’s in 2nd and Joey Cipraino following right behind in 3rd place. 


At the 1 ⁄ 2 way point of the race, Hodgdon still led by a good margin in front of Woody Pitkat in 2nd and Joey Cipraino in 3rd. The race was pretty tame, the only battle for the next few laps are for 6th place with George Bessette Jr. and Christopher Jr. battling for 6th. Christopher Jr. would get the 6th position on lap 47. 


With 30 laps to go Hodgdon would still be the leader with Pitkat right behind him, both the 55 and 88 checked out from 3rd place of Joey Cipriano. 

On lap 53, Pitkat is closing in on Teddy Hodgdon for the lead. Woody gets side by side with Hodgdon in turn 4 and would get the lead on lap 54. Lap traffic is coming with Woody leading, while Hodgdon’s car is falling off and slowly back off of Woody. 


Lap 63 there will be a caution for the 2 of Frank L’Etoile Jr. for slowing on the backstretch. Pit road opens and everyone comes down for service. 

Woody Pitkat would come out first with Michael Christopher Jr. right beside him, Glen Reen comes out 3rd with Cipriano, Bello and Pasteryak. Hodgdon comes out 7th and looses alot of spots. 

On the restart, the 88 of Pitkat gets the lead with teammate Glen Reen behind him with a good push. Christopher Jr. gets 2nd with Reen in 3rd. On lap 64 the 10A of Reen, 7NY of Christopher Jr. and the 51 of Joey Cipriano are all together for 2nd place. Christopher slipped up and lost 2nd to Reen and 3rd to Cipriano, Christopher Jr ending up in 4th place. 


On lap 69, Hodgdon would jump down on the bottom of the track to quickly take 4th away from Christopher Jr. 


With 5 to go Woody led with a good lead over Reen in 2nd and Reen having a good distance over Hodgdon in 3rd place. George Bessette Jr. and Cipriano battle on lap 75 for 4th, Bessette Jr. can’t get to Cipriano. On lap 77, Hodgdon quickly moved up to Reen. Now Reen and Hodgdon side by side but Reen gets a good jump on the corner and keeps 2nd. 


Woody Pitkat will win the Lincoln Tech Open Modified 80 lap feature. Glen Reen will finish 2nd, Teddy Hodgdon will finish 3rd, George Bessette Jr. having a really good race will finish 4th , and rounding out the top 5 will be Joey Cipriano. 


Woody talks about his 2nd open modified 80 win in a row and his 83rd career win. “It’s all Cam McDermott right here, it was absolutely on rails today. Without him none of this is possible. Doug Dunleavy, the best car owner in town, almost didn’t come tonight because he was so busy at work. I was a little nervous early there. I let a couple of guys go by. I was kind of riding around seeing how the outside would be. I didn’t want to get too far back and then I thought it was going to stay green to checkered so I kind of pushed it a little bit to get closer to Teddy (Hodgdon). I wanted to get by him before we hit lap traffic and set my own pace through lap traffic.” 


Glen Reen talks about his 2nd place finish and what had happened on the last pit stop. “The last pit stop, we came in and I saw the throttle springs were broken so I was trying to figure out how to make it go without the throttle getting stuck. I had my hand on the off switch in case the throttle did get stuck so I could just shut the throttle off and then use the on/off switch for throttle but, thankfully that didn’t happen. It’s pretty cool to have my teammate Woody starting 1st and I’ll start 2nd for the fall final. Hats off to those guys, they did a great job and Teddy and I had a good run at the end, just glad we came out on top.” 


Teddy Hodgdon talks about his 3rd place finish. “If this was a 40-lap feature we would have been lights out, just can’t thank my crew enough. If the race was ½ the distance we would have whooped them. It just went away in the long run, got shuffled back in the pit stop and just ran out of time. Back to the drawing board but we had much better balance than we had in the last couple of races. I’m a lot happier about that, just got to look at the positives and keep going.” 



Top 5 finishers: 

  1. Woody Pitkat
  2. Glen Reen
  3. Teddy Hodgdon
  4. George Bessette Jr. 
  5. Joey Cipriano 




Street Stock Feature: 


Chris Danielczuk wins the 20- lap street stock feature in a very exciting finish. Danielczuk started the race in 13th. In the start of the race, Chris would stay around the 10th, 11th, 12th,and 13th positions. Bert Ouellette leads the first 7 laps when a caution comes out for Johnny Walker who spins in the backstretch grass. Walker got him from behind by Waterman. On the restart, Ouellette leads the race, but in turn 3, Waterman gets into the back of Jason Raymond and Raymond spins through the field and doesnt hit anything until Travis Downey has nowhere to go and hits the 49. Waterman gets black flagged for getting into Jason Raymond. On lap 10, Bert Oullette leads but Travis Hydar’s on the back of Oullette’s bumper. Oullette got up to the top and Hydar was able to go by Bert for the lead on lap 11. On lap 12, Jeff Asselin spins in the backstretch, which makes the caution come out. Asseln was able to get moving on his own. On the restart, Plemons gets hit in the back by Cote and then in turn 1 the 69 of Cote and 55 of Brandon Warren spun together and everyone goes around and doesn’t get hit except for the 17 of Bill Porter, but doesnt seem to be a lot of damage. Hydar and Oullette are battling for the lead on the restart with Trott, Waterman and Plemons behind them. Waterman put his car on the bottom and got to 2nd just in the corner and tried to get past Ouellette. On lap 13, Hydar is leading with Ryan Waterman right behind Hydar. On lap 14 Hydar and Waterman got away from the other drivers, and were 1st and 2nd. With the top 2 in points being 1st and 2nd and all eyes were on them to see what was going to happen. With 5 to go, Hydar was pulling away from Waterman in 2nd and there was a battle for 3rd between Tyler Trott, Bert Ouellette, and Johnny Walker. Trott got 3rd, while Johnny Walker and Ouellette were battling for 4th. Walker would get 4th away from Ouellette. With one to go, Tyler Trott was running 3rd and spun in the backstretch which brought out the caution. This is going to get crazy. Aaron Plemons would get black flagged because he had a fire in his right front tire. Trott would stop in turn 4 after he spun which would lead to Trott and Walker both getting parked for the rest of the race for retaliation action on the frontstretch. 

On the restart Hydar and Waterman were side by side battling for the lead. Neither of them were giving up. On the last lap, getting out of turn 2 Bert Ouellette was on the bottom behind Hydar with Danielczuk and Waterman right there as well. Ouellette would get on the bottom with Hydar on the top and Waterman right behind the 11. Ouellette would drift up and get touched by Waterman and then Hydar spun. Danielczuk was on the bottom and went by the spin. Danielczuk is leading, Ouellette and Waterman battling for the 2nd position. Christopher Danielczuk would win the race, Ryan Waterman gets 2nd, Ouellette would get 3rd, but would get black flagged for the incident with Hydar spinning. Marvin Minkler would get 3rd, Jeff Asselin had a great comeback from his spin and would finish 4th and Bill Porter would finish in 5th place. 

Crazy finish to the street stock race. Great to see the rent-a-racecar team and Danielczuk getting his first win. 


Chris Danielczuk talks about his win and his feelings about what had happened. “Wow, I never would have expected it. That was such a crazy finish, I was like ok we are in 4th, I’m going to start on the outside line and I know Bert’s a tough contender and my car was pretty good holding off the outside. Then I saw the 31 and 11 tangle, Bert got by me and I got low and they swept up and I was able to miss the 11 spinning. I am beyond belief.” 


Ryan Waterman talks about the crazy finish and finishing 2nd. “Definitely had to drive a little extra harder on that one because the 49 blew his motor and somehow I was put to the back but 18th to 2nd, I’ll take it. Congrats to Chris on the win. That 84 is sure hungry for a win, that’s all I see, he was giving it his all.” 


Marvin Minkler talks about his good run and great 3rd place finish. “Absolutely, last week we didn’t even get a lap in so that was pretty brutal. Hats off to Chris, he drove a great race, he tries hard every week, he’s a clean driver and I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s our teammate and it’s a great day for us.” 



Top 5 finishers: 

  1. Chris Danielczuk 
  2. Ryan Waterman
  3. Marvin Minkler
  4. Jeff Asselin
  5. Bill Porter


Top 5 in the point standings: 

  1. Ryan Waterman 540 Points
  2. Travis Hydar (-14)
  3. Aaron Plemons (-132)
  4. Travis Downey (-156)
  5. Tyler Trott (-158)



Sk Light Modified Feature: 

George Bessette Jr. wins the crazy and exciting Sk light race at Stafford. He started the race in 15th place. The race was pretty calm for the beginning, a lot of really good battles and then the last 3 laps there were a few cautions that took a lot of good cars out and then the madness started. At the start of the race, there was an incident in turn 1 between Joey Ferrigno and Paul Arccari. By lap 4, Jason Chapman had gotten the lead from Tyler Alkas. There were alot of good battles through the field. On lap 8, cars 10th place on back were getting very dicey all trying to get positions from each other. The 76 of Ron Midford was having a really good race, on lap 10 he was battling the 89 of Tyler Alkas for the 2nd position but didn’t get it yet. On lap 12 Midford would come back for Alkas and get 2nd place. 

Luke Baldwin, the son of Tommy Baldwin Jr had a very good race tonight, he doesn’t race at Stafford Speedway much but, he makes a really good impact in the race when he does. Tonight he started the race last in 27th place. By lap 12 he was in 11th place. Luke would get into the 29 of Matthews during the first big caution on lap 17 but he was good to go and ready to make moves. The restart happened and another caution happened, Luke got hit again by the 29 and would slide through the grass, there seemed to be no big problems with him. He would restart in 4th place. Baldwin would try to go after the 41 of Tyler Chapman for 3rd place but couldn’t get to him. Baldwin would finish the race in 4th place and have an impressive race. 

On lap 17 there was a caution when the 39,2, and 42 all got tangled. The 2 of Meg Fuller would get a flat right front tire, she would be done for the rest of the race. On the restart with 3 to go Jason Chapman would get a great jump, Midford trying to hold on to 2nd place with the 89 of Alkas and 18 of Tyler Barry coming for him. Then there was a big caution where the 18 of Barry hit the back of Midford causing Midford to spin, Pearl and Alkas collecting each other. Alkas, Matthews, Midford, Barry and Brian Sullivan would all be out. They put out the red flag to clean up everything. While the red flag was out, Frank L’ Etoile Jr was sitting on the track and there was oil coming out of his car which would end his race and Cassandra Cole’s car would not restart so that would also end her night. 

On what would be the last restart the 44 of Jason Chapman and the 39 of Bessette Jr would be side by side then the 41 of Tyler Chapman would enter the picture and go three wide with the 44 and 39. The 39 of Bessette Jr would get momentum on the top of the track and get by the 44 of Jason Chapman. 

George Bessette Jr would win the race, Jason Chapman did a great job in this race but, came up just short at the end, Jason will finish in 2nd place, Tyler Chapman would get 3rd, Luke Baldwin has a really good race he started the race in 27th place and finishing the race in 4th place, and rounding out the top 5 would be Amanda West. 



George Bessette Jr. talks about his 3rd win of the season and the craziness when the cautions started to come out. “We started back in 15th place and anything can happen. You just have to keep your eyes peeled at all times and look 8 cars ahead as much as possible. Luck was on our side tonight, better off being lucky than good, the car showed it. We missed that big wreck in  turn 4 and it’s unbelievable to just be here right now. It’s a good points night and just pulling out the win, it’s even better.” 


A frustrated Jason Chapman talks about his 2nd place finish after leading almost the whole race besides the last 2 laps. “I’m fairly disappointed, actually I’m extremely disappointed, there is nothing I can do about it. There’s a lot of people who helped me at the trailer and at the shop. I wheeled my butt off, shame it had to happen this way but looks like Georgie (Bessette Jr.) deserves it alot more and has a lot more friends to impress.” 



Tyler Chapman talks about his 3rd place finish. “It was only fun racing with one out of the 3 top place finishers. I’m happy to see Jason lead most of the race. Sucks he didn’t get it but it was a fun race. It was definitely a challenge, missed 2 out of the 3 wrecks and the 39 car almost dumped me on lap 4 and grazed the wall but it was a challenge all around but it was fun. 


Top 5 finishers: 

  1. George Bessette Jr. 
  2. Jason Chapman
  3. Tyler Chapman
  4. Luke Baldwin
  5. Amanda West 


Top 5 in the point standings: 

  1. Brian Sullivan 504 points
  2. George Bessette Jr. (-8)
  3. Tyler Chapman (-48)
  4. Alexander Pearl (-62)
  5. Tyler Barry (-102)



Limited Late Model Feature: 


Rich Hammann wins the “calm” 20-lap limited late model feature. Hammann started the race in 7th place and made his way through the field. There were no cautions and it was very hard to pass so a lot of the drivers that are usually in the front like Jeremy Lavoie, Matt Clement and Kevin Cormier were stuck behind other drivers. Hammann was in 6th place on lap 2. Devon Jencik and Adrian Paradis III battled pretty much the whole race, they were beating and banging. Kevin Cormier was behind Jenick and Paradis III just being patient. 

On lap 6 Hammann started putting pressure on Cormier for the 5th position. Cormier would keep the 5th position but Hammann was still there trying to get by. 

Lap 7 Hammann would get by Cormier for 5th. Gary Patnode was leading and left everyone to battle. He had a 2-second gap over all the other drivers and then in 2nd place, Damian Palardy had his hands full with 4 guys behind him. On lap 10 Paradis would get 2nd from Jencik and Hammann would go by Jencik and Paradis for 2nd. Jenick would go back to 5th, Paradis would go back to 3rd. On lap 13, the lead from Patnode and Hammann in 2nd place was 3 ½ seconds. 

With 5 to go Gary Patnode still had a sizable lead with Hammann 2nd, Paradis was 3rd, Kevin Cormier would get by Palardy for 4th and Palardy would be in 5th place. 

The point leaders Jeremy Lavoie and Matt Clement were being cautious, they have been in the 7th and 8th positions for the whole feature. 

With 3 to go Hammann is coming for Gary Patnode he was now only 1.79 seconds back. The gap 2 laps ago was 3 ½ seconds now Hammann is on the bumper of Patnode. Hammann and Patnode go side by side on the last lap and Hammann is on the bottom trying to get the lead from Patnode. Patnode slides up the top and gives Hammann enough room to sail out of turn 4 and gets his 2nd win in a row. 

Gary Patnode gets 2nd, Adrien Paradis III would get 3rd, Kevin Cormier would get 4th and Damian Palardy would get 5th. 


Rich Hammann talks about his 2nd win in a row and how he got to Patnode for the lead. “I didn’t think I was going to reel him in, he was so far ahead. I just dug down deep and clicked off the laps. I lost a dear friend last week, so someone’s up there with me.” 


Gary Patnode talks about his 2nd place finish and almost his first win of the season. “The car was getting tighter with probably 5 to go. We made an adjustment on it, we should have given it a hair more. Car got tight, Rich got to me, I knew he was going to get under me going into 3 so I just sent it in there and just plowed almost bringing me up in the wall. I knew Rich wasn’t going to push me out of the way. I knew he had caught me, even though I had a long lead on him. Rich past me clean fair and square and after the season we had, this is as good as a win.” 


Adrien Paradis III talks about his 3rd place finish. “It was a little rough out there, it’s racing, just happy to get a podium. My crew chief, my crew, and I, we put a ton of work into this and it’s paying off. We’re this close, we will get there, hopefully before the end of the season.” 




Top 5 finishers: 

  1. Rich Hammann
  2. Gary Patnode
  3. Adrien Paradis III
  4. Kevin Cormier
  5. Damian Palardy



Top 5 in the point standings: 

  1. Jeremy Lavoie 554 Points 
  2. Kevin Cormier (-16)
  3. Matt Clement (-18)
  4. Rich Hammann (-36)
  5. Adrien Paradis III (-64)



Late Model Feature: 


Wayne Coury Jr. wins the eventful 30 lap late model feature. John Blake would lead the first couple of laps. Tom Butler was currently 3rd. On lap 2 Blake and Butler were battling for 2nd they were beating and banging, the 4 got wiggly and slid in the backstretch grass and then slid back up the field collecting Durand,  Keane, Tom Fearn and Meyer. Durand would not finish the race, Tom Fearn would continue but had a lot of damage, Butler would continue, Meyer would continue after he went to pit road and got taped up. 

On the restart on lap 2 the 10 of Wayne Coury Jr. and Jacob Perry were side by side for the lead. Coury would get the lead and Perry would get 2nd place. Alexandra Fearn who was in her brothers’ car, the number 32, was battling with Zack Robinson for the 3rd spot. Robinson got into turn 1 and slid into turn 2 and saved it. Robinson would lose a lot of spots and would fall to 5th place. 

On lap 5 in turn 4, Tom Fearn would spin coming out of turn 4. On lap 8 the 2 of Duane Noll would slide up into the turn 3 wall and a caution would come out. 

On the restart once again Perry and Coury Jr. would battle for the lead, Perry would get 2nd, Varricchio was having a great run, still early in the race but he was in the 3rd spot battling with the 9 of Bobby Stirk. Varricchio would get 3rd and Stirk would get 4th. 

On lap 10 there would be a caution for the 33 of Adon Burrell, he didn’t hit anything and was able to pull away. Wayne Coury Jr. got the lead in turn 2 and then Perry and Varricchio would battle for 2nd. 

On the back straightway of the restart, John Blake hits the wall. No one else in the incident but Blake’s car  is badly wrecked. On the restart Wayne Coury would get a big jump and Perry and Varricchio would continue to battle for 2nd. 

On lap 15 Wayne Coury Jr. leading, Paul Varricchio moved up to 3rd with Michael Wray behind him in 3rd. Jacob Perry who was battling with Varricchio for 2nd got on the outside and lost alot of spots now in 9th place. With 10 to go, Gamabcorta the point leader is making his way up the field, right now he is running 5th place. With 5 to go Gambacorta is 4th and Tom Fearn who was involved in the incident early is now 16th but he’s a lap down. Coury Jr. was still leading the field, having a very impressive run today. 

Wayne Coury Jr would win the race, Paul Varricchio would get an impressive 2nd place, Michael Wray would finish in 3rd, Kevin Gamabcorta would help his points lead and finish 4th and rounding out the top 5 would be Tom Butler in 5th. 


Wayne Coury Jr. talks about his first win of the season and how good his car was this week. “We’re back, we needed this, it’s been an up and down season, we had a really good start to the year, got wrecked badly a few weeks ago and had to get this back into shape. Our team did a really good job to get it back in order. It was nice to be back, it felt like a really long race. Lots of restarts but this car was good, I haven’t had a car like this all year. We finally got this thing where it needs to be and can’t be happier with that.”


Paul Varricchio talks about his impressive 2nd place finish. “Car was loose, I just fought the car really hard. I reeled in Wayne and the best I could get was 2nd but, that’s all good we got a podium finish with a 2nd and today was a really nice day so, I’m happy with it.” 


Michael Wray talks about his 3rd place finish and how good his car was. “14th to 3rd, can’t be too upset with that. Car was pretty good, it was a little tight, I didn’t quite have enough for those guys (Coury Jr. and Varricchio) it’s great for Wayne, glad to see him up there, as well as Paul.” 


Top 5 finishers:

  1. Wayne Coury Jr. 
  2. Paul Varricchio Jr. 
  3. Michael Wray 
  4. Kevin Gambacorta 
  5. Tom Butler 



Top 5 in the point standings:

  1. Kevin Gambacorta 514 Points 
  2. Tom Fearn (-32)
  3. Michael Wray (-62)
  4. Adam Gray (-64)
  5. Wayne Coury Jr. (-68)


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