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NewYork Sports Show

Dust em Off.

After a few weeks of dwindling car counts we saw a good amount of cars in all of the weekly divisions this week.Lets hope this trend continues on for the remaining events of the season.There have been improvements regarding all aspects about the track and the current Management Team have been chipping away at it throughout the season.For some the wants are not coming fast enough, but it must be said that the needs have been met.Other than some issues regarding officiating, lack of consistent rules enforcement, and car count issues on occasion,I think this season so far has been a success.There will always be the naysayers and sime who simply cannot be satisfied and that comes with the territory.There are so many variables that most don’t know about in the day to day running of a Race Facility.My hope is that at seasons end there be a meeting early on with racers and track staff and management to address the issues at hand while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind and while tempers and feelings are at idle.Marrige is a compromise and communication is key.And yes….this is a racing marriage, make no mistake about it.Love,Passion,Commitment,Drama and Struggle.But anchored in Love for the sport.Sometines these marriages need counseling and discussion to be set back on the right road or towards the goals set forth.A meeting with everyone would be a great step in discussing these plans long term and figuring out what we can all do as a group to help the track and the product in general flourish.The on Track Product is Second to None.And everyone in the Pits and Stands share a Love for the Racing and for the Facility.Great Building blocks for Long Term Success.The Chassis Pro Team has certainly figured it out here as Anthony Flannery took the checkers in the SKS.Eric Berndt was 2nd and Todd Owen came in for 3rd after an early skirmish.These 3 racers are in the hunt for the Championship.And it can only get more interesting.Huge props to Kyle James for his performance in the feature as he dominated the top groove for most of the event and ran up front finally showing what most Bowl Faithful already knows……That he can wheel a racecar.He just missed the podium.James is another of a long line of bowl regulars who started in the minis and moved up.It was not long ago in his own 21 sk that he was a weekly threat, duking it out with the likes of Keith Rocco for wins.He then took some time away for family and work obligations,And has rejoined the weekly wars with different equipment and team.Well done sir.keep it up.Trucks were another show as it was on and off Racer Tyler Chapman with the win.If Chapman was at the track weekly,we may be seeing a different situation as he has been able to do very well dealing with Division Hotshoe Brody Monahan.There are 4 or 5 Trucks that can win on any given night.Monahan has been the Class of the Field, and does it with maturity beyond his years.Kyle Gero,Ed Ryan Jr,Kenny Cassidy.Toss a coin,they are all flying and putting on a show the entire season.Aaron Plemons proved he still has the goods as he bested Al Stone 3rd and Corey Fanning in the Street Stock Feature.Dave Blanchard won the vintage feature with a car he built in 1985 and campaigned up north with success for many years.The 78 years young wheelman got it done on this night.In the always exciting Mini Stocks it was Christopher Garside for the Victory with 5 to go he got by Jared Roy and David Dorr who has been quietly upping his game as the season has gone on.Dylan Cote took the win in the Legends event with Dylan Freeman in 2nd and Nick Buckley finding his way onto the podium.A bid attaboy to the Paul Family Team who’s primary Car was junked in the turn 1 Wall during qualifying not of their own doing.They brought out the back up and ran a respectable feature,eventually fading at the finish.This group should be known as the timex team as all season,driver and racecar have taken a licking and just keep on ticking.The legends division needs a lesson of respect and humility as they have orovided great action but have also created carnage with bad decisions by some with 3 and 4 wide moves,bumping and banging and just general disrespect even during qualifying.Most of these drivers are just kids,but they need to be a little more patient and respectful.Only a few more shows left to the season.Get to the Track for the best value in entertainment.And dont forget to bring a friend to the races

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  • Scott Parker

    Scott Parker,First and Foremost,Is a 60 Year Old Race Fan.I have also been a NASCAR Crew Member for Various Teams and a Nascar Car Owner.I have attended Circle Track Races for over 40+ Years throughout the Northeast at Various Venues starting Many Years Ago at Plainville Stadium.I do not consider myself an Expert on Motorsports or Writing By Any Means,But feel like i can bring an Honest and Fair perspective through my experiences,That will Inform and hopefully Entertain Readership.

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